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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A week of inspiration

What I wish I wore this week/looked like/felt like/styled/maked

A week has wisped by, and I the blog went silent as I went to London for three days, sorry about that, but I did go to fabu-lessly dirty fashion parties with free drinks and food and Amy Winehouse, so I'm not THAT sorry... Anyways, these pics caught my eye this week and heres why:


Love model Frida Gustavsen shoot by Noam Griegst

Obsessed with the mania mania gems and lookbook

I want to be a hippie and I want to get tall, fashiontoast.com


Arroused by the play on shapes, Amica Italy

Oh- the happiness of a Military, Vogue Russia July

Amazing dude and shot from styleclicker.com

I have No words 

Just hanging out in the dessert- i'm breezy and oh so casuall
Clara Alonso


I want the high waisted trousers and the cropped top- but I also want the small waist first...oh, well, at least the pic is nice
No Magazine

It's perdy, that's all...zara lookbook

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