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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Every Tuesday I will introduce a favorite beauty product of mine and today I am starting with the Face Tan.

As a rather pale red head, even though I’m not all that bothered by it, I can still see the benefits of a little color come summer. Now, my body I can get up to sort of a golden red tan with my SPF 15, but my face I will always keep sun blocked with SPF 50 to shun those nasty sun damaged wrinkles. But this tends to result in a rather color less mask, keeping my head detached from my body.

It must be said: I think most self tanner are dreadful. They usually end up in an orange looking color only intended for mandarins and various other fruits. Gradual tanners I like, but sometimes a girl needs a little instant effect. I have tried, written about and gathered test panels of blue eyes friends in my days to find one that actually works in a satisfying i.e. no orange streaks in sight, way. And I am happy to say, that my favorite by far is the Garnier Ambre Solaire Face No Trace Bronzer Self Tanning Spray. Easy to use, and can only be messed up if you over exaggerate the usage.

How to:

Spray lightly over a clean face, move the can from side to side starting at your forehead and continue spraying down to your chest. This way your neck, upper arms and chest will get some color as well. For my skin I choose the lightest tone. You can do two rounds if you already have some color, but trust the product to do its job and apply more the following day if you still want a darker shade. The color will start to show after an hour and be complete after about 8. It dries in 10 minutes, so it’s perfect before bedtime and I have even put it on over light make-up and gone out the house without having any problems with that- just a gradual glow growing on me during the day.

see more useful tips on http://www.klikk.no/mote/skjonnhet/article583175.ece


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