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About Me

Tove Eggen is the name, and I must admit it took a lot out of me to start this blog. I was one of those “why on earth are all these people blogging about everything and nothing” and I really just compared it to a form of reality television. Even though I still find the phenomenon somewhat overwhelming, however, I now also accept the benefits and the talents of bloggers that exist and am therefore eager to start conveying my passion, work and life through the iknowthatblog- blog.

I am Norwegian, 26 years of age and currently working for EPRO professional makeup artist and Image Consultant school in Barcelona. I love my job as I get to seak out the top students for our school and guide them in their new beginning. 2009-2010 I lived, studied and worked in London to complete my Post Graduate Certificate in Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism. After planning and working towards that goal for the past 5 years, I am finally a certified fashion journalist! It is never too late to educate yourself and reach higher. I will maintain my freelancing within fashion and beauty as a stylist, make-up artist and teacher, however, the writing part of it will hopefully be a larger part of my daily life.

To me, all parts of culture are equally important, but styling is the way I express it. At the same time, I am a strong believer in distancing oneself from the circus the industry at times may conjure. It is the craft I love, not the events of it. Well- some, but not every night!
The articles will be serious and factual as well as opinionized, but the language will be according to my mood. I think it's important not to drown out the message by abusing a thesaurus, but feel free to tell me what you think of the writing style as well as the content.

I alos have my amazon store now which I love, because finally I can answer the constant questions from readers, students and collegues regarding products I use and other tools I need!
Here's hoping for a great bloggin´time together!