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Friday, June 11, 2010

Change your hair for the week-end!

My hair grows stupidly quick, so I have never been too afraid of changing my cut nor my color. Even if I didn't start dying my hair until I was 19 (!) due to an amazing respect of my parents seldom restrictions ("except for hair color, tattoo, piercings and smoking- you do as you please my child!) Long story short, going from black to white in way too little time, made my last dye experience the very last. I was done with chewing gum texture, and the red roots that needed a refilling every 2 weeks if I didn't want to look bald with my black hair. I decided to reclaim my shunned red hair and let it grow back after 6 years of exile. The only problem was that my ends were white-yellowish and my roots were red- it really wasn't happening. 

Then, Davines came into my life (-yes, I am hearing angels sigh as I say this).

The organic, treatment + coloration series 'Alchemic System' in the cute vintage style apothecary jars and bottles was here to both save my sticky hair and to give me the color I had always wanted, but not quite gotten at the over prices hair salon: The Caramel! And not just some lighter version of brown, no no, this caramel had hints of peach and pink without giving it all away and it was amazing. When I threw some GHD waves in there my hair was like a caramel candy slide. My hair has now pretty much grown out to my natural red, which I am very much in love with (please understand, It's not myself I'm in love with. I do separate self and hair) and to get a little more vibration I simply use my L’Oreal Professionnel Expert Gloss Color Mahogany Shampoo

So what's my message?

For all of you out there longing for a fresh summer color for your hair, but not eager to dye it, simply wash you hair with the Davines Alchemic System series with its 6 different tones. You can chose the color that is meant to add to your own color, or if your blond do as me- cheat and change it up with the caramel or the pink tone! It washes out anyway, and your hair gets so silky soft.


Check out www.davines.com for more info

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