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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hair trend: Reds VS Silver white

The biggest hair trend the past and coming season is the fiery yet natural looking color red. This is not a color many naturally possess and cannot so easily be gained by a simple hair dye- but it is ’oh so fabulous when done right (thumps up for Ashley Simpson). The great thing about the strong, warm and deep red color of this season is that it goes so well with the palest of a milky skin tone as well with a tanned caramel color. This trend started as many of the leading brands launched it for their color schemes. Wella, Redken and System all did it- which then of course led to it also being used heavily on fashion shows and photo spreads. Many saw it as a rebellion to the legally blond era that has been triumphing for a bit too long the last 3 years. However, I am noticing a street trend here in London, with all the lovely artsy and creative type of girls with white almost silvery white colors to their hair. The influence might be from the über fascinating Kate Lanphear- senior style editor at US Elle, as well as being a true street trend passed on from Bricklane Sunday markets to the outskirts of Oxfords Circus. My favorites have been the ones who wear it very casually, and often with a short fringe or shag due similar to the newest Victoria Beckhams. Together with a black and red oversized flannel shirt and ripped high wasted denim shorts from spring 2008, it gives it a vintage and now almost classic look that I really love. Feel free to follow Ms. Lanphear in her straight forward fashion tailoring or style it up with neo-romantic garments of this summer for a more toned down look, but be careful of the grandma’ effect, unless this is wanted of course. As I have just gone back to my natural color red, after shunning it for the past eight years, I don’t think I’ll be jumping right on this silvery slope- but I expect to see a lot more of it and I am looking forward to it.
Let the red vs. Silver-white battle begin!

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