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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The perfect Sunday

12 Pm :
Wake up around 11 in the morning with a slightly heavy body, but no real head ache from the night before which you’re pretty sure was a hell of a good time. Some feel well from the soreness after running, I love the heavy feeling after..well..drinking (in politically correct portions obviously)

12.15 Pm:
Grab your loose denim shorts, oversized tank top without the bra of course and mosey on over to the fridge with an icy cold cola of your choice waiting..psstt…ahhh…

12.45 Pm:
Wash your face with Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser (as you undoubtedly also did last night, but a morning rinse gets the prince!) and feel them pores come alive again with oxygen. Moisture up with Crème Fraîche from Nuxe.

13 Pm:
Eat a banana and feel quite healthy. Then nibble on a buttered toast- because a girls got to eat and then fry up that left over wok just because you can (-on a Sunday) all of this within an hour of watching Friends season 3 including ‘The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister’

14.00 Pm:
Do 15 minutes of exercise because no matter what; it just makes for a great day when you’ve good some blood pumping. Choices including but not imitated to:
- Tracy Anderson Matt video (do just the arms and the stomach routines)
- Walk to the grocery store in a high pace, and don’t choose the one on the corner!
- Have sex (preferably with someone else)
- Go for a run..If your one of thoooose..

14.30 Pm:
Take a shower or even better, a bath! Exfoliate your skin with Rejuvenating Bionic Scrub from Exuviance for body and face and remember how your baby skin used to feel like.
15.30 Pm:
Eat chips until you remember that your sort of on a summer diet, and whip up the worlds’ easiest yet surprisingly satisfying pine apple juice.

List of ingredients:

Pine apple
Crushed ice
Sugar or sweetner
(vanilla ice cream if you really just wanted something sweet but funky)

16.30 Pm:
Get ready for some outdoor-soontobeindooragainatthemovies-activities and place your mirror in the living room with the light from your window shining on your face for best light. Bathroom lighting is not allowed in the world of make-up! Leave your troubled own life behind by watching kids with all the money and potential in the world still obsessing over some Justin Bobby dude on MTV in the background. Images is a bare necessity, it’s the dialogue that’s awesome.

Sunday make-up:

1. Select moisture cover concealer from Mac- NW tones for blue circles, NC tones for general covering

2. Touche Eclat highlighter pen from YSL goes under your eyes and down to your cheeks, along your nose bone, over you lip arch and under your eyebrows.

3. Make-up Stores’ Wonderpowder cannot be praised enough! Illuminating skin the way the gods in the powder clouds intended it. Use all over your face and with extra care along the cheeks and forehead for a bronzing effect- love it!

4. Peachykeen blusher from Mac, goes with everyone to anything wanting to look dewy and pinky-fresh. On your cheecks and on your upper eyelids along the lash line…trust me.

5. Jane Iredal Pure Brow Gel, because them eyebrows just needs a place in your face.

6. Lancôme L’Occitane mascara vibrates, separates and elongates when you don’t have the strength too…

Now-could you have tons of more products today? YES of course, but these are the essentials that will make you look more human but still natural and ready to conquer the world as they say. (who are they?)

Sunday hair

1. Loose and fussy bun on top
2. GHD Straightener for waves or straight hair. (I’ll really show you how one day)
3. The ‘Messed up from yesterday hair and I like it’ look-you might want to add some black eyeliner though!

Leave for the movies as soon you are ready, don’t stare into the wall pondering about life just because you happen to be 5 minutes early for once. Pondering takes ages girl! Enjoy your movie, mine for the evening will be Sex & The City II. Very exited but realistic, why is there sand on the promo pics?? I’ll let you know later <3

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