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Sunday, June 27, 2010



When it comes to my personal feelings towards the label Acne, I definitely can't live without my Hex Jeans and I thought The Pistol boots made the biggest shoe trend of the naughty 2000's (even though I could never fit a pair of size 41 to my size 41 feet...hmm) However, when it comes to their designed clothing line, I have never been impressed. Sure, there have been some nice and easily styled pieces, but with a quality that felt like it was just over Zara-ish and a price tag resembling an indie-designer, I could never bring myself to buy anything. The garments were not special enough, and I even hear numerous stories of pieces falling apart after day one. Not good- not impressed. And yet- here I am about to give the brand a big shout out for their Resort 2011 collection, because it is absolutely AMaaaaZIN'! The hats, the cape-silhuettes, the Mexican vibe, the denim and the hippie-Zorro look is really all just working. If the quality has improved, I do not know- but at least now they have some statement pieces worth having for a long time in your closet, on you wall and of course on your back. 

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