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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Givenchy Resort 2011- the demure Frida Kahlo Collection

The Reds, the whites, the blacks and the leopards. Givenchy resort 2011 gave one of the more versatile yet surprisingly wearable collections of the season. Whit its trompe l'oeil jacket, laces and ruffles, sharp lines and the perfect lengths; short or long- this 5 year anniversary collection from the designer Riccardo Tisci is one I think will be a huge inspiration to buyers as well as high street brands. In other words, expect cheap knock-offs to a corner shop near you come May 2011. 

Tisci stated to www.style.com that - "Resort, for me, is about making sure the shop floors are stocked with the pieces that our girl has gotten attached to." and he also cited Frida Kahlo and her animal-filled paintings as a source of inspiration. Even though it’s a very toned down Frida Kahlo, the inspiration is clear in its somehow frazzled yet contained shape and palette.

In other words, I like this.


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