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Monday, June 7, 2010

Sex in the City II- Oh the Glitter!

It's done, I have seen the movie we've been waiting for and reading crap reviews about for ages now and WOW! So let’s put something straight. If you love the series and the Girls, you WILL love this movie. Not for the somewhat thin story line or the fact that they're hardly in New York, but because us fans that have watched those episode several times a year, often one episode per night, we really care about what happens to those girls. And yes, that is terribly geeky, but I am just such a true SATC enthusiast to the core, and no desert sands in Abu Dhabi can stop me from it. And girls...let me tell you.....the guys are..So...hot! The fashion is humerous, though not the best from Fields, but the movie is so over the top in everything from the diamond Louboutins to the marble palace that the styling couldn't have been anything but this. All in all, a very happy girl going to bed in a hot Oslo summer night


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