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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Karen Elson

For me, the British born mode was the first glimpse I saw of the fashion industry dressing outside its comfort zone. She was not a Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks or even a Jessica Stam. She was slightly weird, borderline ugly at times- but always in the most intriguing way. It gave me a new approach to fashion and make-up and found my niche in the ugly/pretty territory.

In  2008 Elson started managing a vintage boutique in Nashville, Tennessee with Venus & Mars' Amy Patterson. The boutique is called Venus & Mars- The Showroom and features "high end rare vintage garments and adornments to cheap and cheerful vintage dress and jewels

Now, at the age of 31, a mother and a wife of Jack White, she is elegantly evolving her music and the esthetics of her videos and stage performances are fitting to the teeth.  

She formulates her own take on the album 
“Walking with a Ghost” 
like this:

 “I’m very much interested in the dark side of things. In my life, truthfully, I’ve had a lot of bizarre and dark experiences that have definitely colored the way I think about a lot of personal things. The music I have always listened to as well has had a sorrowful, mournful, if not murderous, quality to it.” She pauses to laugh. “I’m not saying I would ever want to kill anybody, but sometimes love can drag you to the very depths of yourself and – my God – make you so desperate and forlorn. I really respond to songs that write about that. Hank Williams, for crying out loud, speaking of being forlorn and forsaken -- there’s a song I just heard of his, an early demo, that really resonated with me. Those songs move me in a way that happy go lucky songs don’t.”

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