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Friday, June 18, 2010



If its worth the money or not is entirely up to you, but for 2 minutes lets take in some well design swimwear that could end up being your favorite statement pieces this summer and for many to come. These are obviusly not for swimming in its true sence. No, no- these luxury items only serve a purpose as design candy and wardrobe spritzer. 
And they are all from Net-a-porte of course.

You don't get more on trend then with this flowery peice from jets by jessika allen 194 €. Style it up with a nude tones maxi skirt or high waisted light denim shorts.

It's been all about the nudes this summer, and all though you better have a milky-white skin tone or a very tanned one to pull this suit off on its own on the beach- it just looks so damn good if you do. emilio pucci 447 €

The sunset colors, the animal/tribal prints and the sporty cut all just screams summer 2010. So sexy on the beach, so funky at the club and even classy with a pair of 40's styled long pants and that oversized hat from every Poirot movie. Even better, it's made by the very queen of chic,  diane von furstenberg 284 €.

The halterneck and balconett decoltage is the most flattering cut any woman can have. The print is modern Missoni all the way and the bows on the side gives a small hip downsizing. It's just so classic! missoni 582 

Obviously, the bikini is the easiest choice for the beach, but not as wearable for night. This psychadelic two piece however, is the perfect style of underwear as outerwear (even though I will get back on how I feel about that trend later) so the top goes really well on its own for those of you comfertable with that. And if you are, I say more power to you- I love it! mathew williamson 236 €

Mission impossible did you say? no, no- a leather swim suit is absolutely possible! Could you imagine walking out of the water in this? How sexy is that!? Ok, so it's not really leather so much as it is rubber, but thats a given I hope. lisa marie fernandes511 €

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