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Saturday, June 5, 2010

First there was make-up....a tale of working with your passions.

My first memory of enjoying the art of grooming is when I must have been around 4 or 5, dipping my father’s comb in water and placing every inch of his hair in carefully planned waves. It felt some how serious and important, without any form of pressure or right answers. Of course, as I grew older, my father was not still as happy to have his slightly thinner hair cut by a 14 year old wanting to become a hairdresser with kitchen scissors to prove it. But worse, I also got a sense that to my loving and academic father, it wasn't a suitable profession for someone with all options open. So I let the urge become a hobby to practice on my grateful girlfriends and skeptical sister. I went on with college and studied ‘normal’ subjects, and even tried out university in the diverse subjects of theater science, religion, English, philosophy and literature- some with great and some with yawning results. But at the mere age of 20 I knew there was no point in doing anything but what I really wanted.
In a time when so many around me was still struggling to find an inch of what
they would want to work with, I had a whole industry just waiting for me to take
it on.
The choice was easy, but the plan was fierce. I would start at Art Complexion make-up school in Oslo, Norway, in 2005, work my way up in the Norwegian industry and in 3-5 years move on to London to become a fashion journalist. All in the greater notion of becoming the fashion editor of Italian Vogue (yes, my fellows student also gasped in shock of my forwardness). Since then I have worked as freelance make-up artist and stylist within fashion, music and advertisement. I have held positions as Beauty Editor and Fashion Editor of Norwegian magazine as well as head make-up teacher at the Tone Lise Academy. In 2009 I moved to London, and the in-between was 4 years of work that had no set hours or pay, that expected you to perform in every waking hour but in return allowed you to work with your passion. I was more than excited and proud. I got accepted to the London College of Fashion Post Graduate Cert. in Fashion & Lifestyle journalism, though I did not hold the 3 years of journalism bachelor required, my experience was sufficient. Lucky break vs. hard work. All of a sudden, in March 2010 I was a certified fashion journalist from one of the most prestigious schools in the world- my plan had worked! A journey that started in a pool of powder and hairspray had actually gotten me to an academic place, and now I want more. That's the beauty with my profession; there is so much to do! So after merely a year in London, I am moving on to Barcelona where I will surround myself in Gaudi, fashion, sun and creative souls as well as finally surrender to Love. My base will mainly be in Oslo and Barcelona, but I have been known to wander elsewhere for a while if it suits me. Let the next chapter begin!

1. Me on top of the Park Guell in Barcelona
2. Fashion story from TROLL 2008:
Photographer: Veslemøy Vråskar ( http://veslemoy.com/ )
Styling: Connie Berg
Make-up: Tove Eggen
Hair: Eirik Thorsen
Modeller: Ivana og Victoria
Make-up Assistant: Linda Thoresen
3. Justin Timberlake and Me in Paris for FHM/Givenchy

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