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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Simply because I'm going to see Sex & The City II today with my girls (dinner at YaYa's first) I simply most post some of my favoirte Carrie Bradshaw atiers. Some because their just so hot, and others because they changed fashion at the time. Let me know what you think- Enjoy!

Welcome in to Carries Closet!
The thigh high socks did it all

That opening dress ...

The pastell 70s look blew me away, and the hair was immaculate!

Oh the colors of this ensamble! Even though she got shot down by
a guy in the rain, she was so vibrant it didn't matter. Long live humor in fashion!

Ghetto Ho-down in Heels, nice!

Oh the nudes...who here does nudes better than Carrie Bradshaw- it's just so good!

Pack on them jewels and let the world follow - Audrey Hepburnesque

Im sure this is everyones favorite, how can it not be? In Paris,
elongating monochromes and rose bud shape.

The Naked Dress....

ah, the LA chicness

Now, this is where we get serious. This is where I really saw the humor and cleverness in Patricia Fields fashion and my eyes were eyes wide open from here out. Tiara bandana, bling, broche and princess dres...aiaia... As I say: Less is more, but more is better! (patent pending)

Love the dress that has got to be a Halson Herritage and the Christian Louboutin Mary Janes!

I'm off to see the new movie now, and I'll express my feelings on it later ;)

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