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Friday, August 13, 2010

The women in Fashion

Working Haute Couture

Within the fashion industry it´s easy to divide its followers and workers into certain groups:

anna wintour

You have the Lady-like business women whom are more in it for the money than the art.

carine roitfeld

There´s the funky, sexy, cool women with a confidence larger than their shoe collection and the talent to back it.

mary-kate and ashley olsen

We have the always ahead of trends with modern vs retro mixes and matches.

Susanna Lau style bubble

The über cool bloggers with their street- stolen style. I´m convinced their secret must be hidden under the pavement as they´re constantly looking down.

Not to forget the working fashion journalist/stylist/make-up artist with a passion for their work, but a limited need of self expression through their own style. (Grace Coddington, Kate Phelan and Pat McGrath.)

And of course, we must not forget the eccentric “I´m a piece of art” ladies

anna piaggi 

I love them all equally, because in some way or another, they all contribute to the world of creation, passion and fashion. Do I mention some in a rather sarcastic tone? Yes, because our industry is also one of great humor if seen from the right angle. But there is one last type of the fashionista-breed. A strangely quite rare one actually as she is the sole that truly embraces fashion in its Haute Couture form straight from the runway. Her body is a walking fashion week you might say, and even if my star in mind for this section must have the world’s most humorous blog in all its Lacroixesque diamond and gold glory, I have nothing but respect for someone so dedicated to their work and position that they literary choose to live within it.


As the Editor-at-Large and Creative Consultant at Vogue Nippon(Japan) Anna Dello Russo travels the world of fashion and its ´weeks´ with great attention from fashion bloggers, enthusiasts and of course journalists. Not because she has the undoubtedly power of Wintour, or the crazy attraction of Piaggi, but because she will always wear a new fashion look straight from the runway, as seen, with the correct accessories to go with it. Nothing is to be worn twice.

The Story Behind
After gaining a Bachelors degree in Italian Literature and Art History and attending the Domus Academy for Fashion and Design in Milan, Dello Russo went on to the Condé Nast publishing family as Fashion Editor at Vogue Italia and serving as Editor of L'Uomo Vogue from 2000-2006. She was once famously described by Helmut Lang as a “Fashion Maniac”, which seems to be a fitting description of a woman possessing over 4,000 pairs of shoes, a personal blog rimmed with gold frames and depicting photos from her glamorous life and wardrobe. Her website is simply a must see experience!

As the lady that describes herself as a “Passionate Fashionista” was asked by Style.com to predict Fall 2010, her response was clear; “Gold is the new Black!”

 Let’s move on to the goodies, it´s picture time!


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