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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


…and the obsession continues

I guess you can say I am somewhat..ever so slightly..head over heels obsessed with Siri Tollerød...No,no- not in a driving up and down her block (where is that block, does anyone know??) kind of way- but in a "every time I see her photos my jaw drops and I´m jumping off my chair in admiration". How can this tiny girl, with the doll-like features deliver such a strong and powerful look and aura in ever take? It really does amaze me. Of course, she also works with some amazing photographers and these snaps by Henrik Bülow goes above and beyond beauty or fashion. To top it all off, Siri really is one of the sweetest girls in the industry, and I did actually interview her once for my Major Project magazine at LCF so thank you for that! I´ll write a bigger piece on Siri at a later time, but right now I just wanted you all to gaze at these photos for a minute..take it all in...be inspired...and go out and DO!

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