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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Copenhagen Fashion Week 11th-14th of August 2010


Spring/Summer 2011


Unfortunatly I wasn´t able to come to CFW this year, but I sure have been watching it all in its rainy glory from my sunny home here in Barcelona. It definatly seems somewhat smaller then before, (where is designer remix?)but Copenhagen is still for sure the strongest fashion and design capital in Scandinavia. As the Oslo Fashion Week is starting up this week, I wanted to share my favorites from Copenhagen so I can clear my head for norwegian designs. I am not expecting to me wow´ed, but i sure am hoping! most norwegian fashion is really a little to much about the show and the fun, theres no hiding that fact. labels such as iis of norway, tsh, undorn, Daniel Sórensen, batlak og selvig, Johnny Love, elton & Jacobsen and nina skarra are my only norwegian favorites showing in oslo for now, but I am somewhat exited to see the White Baron as well. Anyways, over to copenhagen!




Vilsbøl de Arce

stine goya

by marlene birger

american retro

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