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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Shopping guide for the average woman

When it comes to shopping, it really is wise to have some guidlines in the back of your head before entering the chaos.
I might just speak for my self, but there is an absolute rush to shopping, and you don´t even realize it until you come home with 5 bags filled with things you can´t even remember what is.
I would imagine it feels kind of like gambling- we´re not sure we can afford it, or where we would wear it, but I still want it!!
So here are 5 of my top shopping tips that allows you to still shop, but slightly smarter.



Buy your skincare from a skincare therapist. Why? Because if your car breaks down, you don´t take it to the gas station do you? no- if you want your skin done right, you have to go to the brands that specialize in skin treatment and improvement and not it flashy bottles, Hollywood ads and high-end names.


  When you’re looking for an eye shadow, there’s a very easy trick you can do to make sure the eye shadow will stay on and last you for at least a year. Simply rub the eye shadow on your fingertip, apply to the back of your hand. If the color comes out as intense and in the same shade as you see in the box, the eye shadow should be good. Cheaper eye shadows will tend to look a shade lighter on your hand. This means you will end up using a lot more product to get the effect you wanted.



Don´t buy on sale. If you think about it, of all the items you have bought during the big sales throughout the years, do you end up using that much? When we go on sale, we are just on a mission to get SOMETHING. Of course, sometimes we do bargains, but seriously- The big summer and Christmas sales are really just emptying our pockets instead of saving up for some descent statement peaces you will cherish for years.


Invest in hair products. Again, if you want to take care of and improve your hair, you must go to the expert. Even thought the professional hair products are a little more expensive, you use less product to get the desired treatment and your hair will grow better.



When you’re looking for the next seasons wardrobe, try to look out the classics that we see come back over and over. These will obviously last you longer, and you can invest in them with an easy heart. (Fall 2010: Cape, trench coat, color camel, leopard, 60´s sweaters, knit) But of course, don´t forget the fun, extreme statement pieces, but buy them as cheap as possible, because chances are you´ll wear them to bits the next 4 months, then put them away for the next statement trend.

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