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Monday, August 16, 2010

the Color

70´s Camel

michael kors

Surely by now most of us have gotten the whiff of the fact that there are some Camels coming in to town this fall. They come in many shapes and serve several purposes, yet mostly we will see them on our wide leg trousers and over our shoulders in the shape of a coat or a cape. Why does this trend work so fittingly right now? Well, there will always be several reasons for why a trend hits home, but this one in particular couldn´t have a better timing:


We´re still donning the nude-look of last spring, and all though most of us enjoyed that photo-flattering trend, it just wasn´t really feasible for the "coming out of winter pale skinned and fatigued"-rest of us. But the camel will help shine a little bronze into our life, and let the little color we got over summer last just a little but longer


You would think it´s all about the 50´s this fall because of the rants the big mags´ are giving it because several designers showed it. But even though I know the Mad Men series was a big hit, I don´t see it sticking in real life. The lighthearted somewhat hippie and bohemianish 70s vibe is simply a lot easier to dress up in. Now, I love the 50s and the makeup in particular, but it does tend to get a bit too thematic.


Black is indeed the color of fashion, and an easier color to wear for fall and winter, but sometime we want a little warmth and sunshine into our hibernating lives, and once again, Camel does just that.

michael kors


Some of the biggest detail trends of the season are leaning toward the coat, the frock, the cape and the wide leg trousers. The classic way of pulling these items of is either in black or in our star of the moment; the Camel.

So there you go, 4 reasons other than "I like Camel so you must wear it- regards from your fashion magazine x and y". And because I´m feeling extra cheerful today, I´ll throw in some favorite pics´ as well so you can ohh and ahh over the items most of us (especially me) can never afford. Hehe...did I mention it´s Friday today?




derek lamb

diane von furstenberg


carolina bucci

citizens of humanity

I die...the former pants together with Burberry Prorsum shearling Aviator jacket!



by marlene birger


michael kors


stella mccartney

stella mccartney

top shop

photos from net-a-porter, topshop, style.com

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