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Friday, September 17, 2010

New York Fashion Week

By far the best round up
of New York Fashion Week!

This well written NY Fashion week roundup from the Guardian´s Fashion Statement just landed in my email to my great amusement:

Fashion statement: Ten things we learnt in New YorkFor a unique take on the world of fashion, sign up to the Guardian's fashion email and get all the latest news delivered straight to your inbox

Written by:Kate Carter guardian.co.uk, Friday 17 September 2010 14.05 BST Article history

Ten things we learnt from New York fashion week.

1. The seventies are back
Marc Jacobs started it all off, as fashion editor Jess Cartner-Morley noted:
Glamorous, full-sleeved peasant blouses were worn with maxiskirts, while long, sheer dresses in the colours of a Moroccan sunset were topped with frizzed Biba hair and heavily dark-rimmed eyes. Dramatically flared trousers were worn high at the waist and sweeping low almost to the floor, revealing half an inch of the gold glittery platforms beneath. A shiny satin jean-style jacket in pumpkin was worn over purple silk dungarees.

But not everyone is happy about it:

"Crimped frizzy hair and high heels are for the catwalk, obviously, but in real life, women don't go for it. And, as for wedges: they're just not sexy - Kate Moss, among others, knows this: have you ever seen a picture of her in wedges?" - Comment on our live blog by mazza1

2. If you want publicity, ban the press
Tom Ford's debut womenswear collection was supposed to be a totally picture-free zone. But within days fashionista.com was reporting a leak of the photos, complete with mug shots of all the models - resembling nothing so much as the result of an extremely stylish police raid.

3. Carine Roitfeld of French Vogue is on twitter, and her musings will make you wise

Either generated by an automatic aphorism generator or by a hapless assistant whose sole job is to empty Chinese fortune cookies and open vintage Hallmark cards, it includes priceless tokens of wisdom such as:
Be unique, because you are different.. but don't be different for the sake of being unique.
Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it

4. Being fashionably late is no longer fashionable
Fashion shows have begun to start, shock horror, on time! No one told Courtney Love, however, who missed half of Marc Jacobs' show. Afterwards Ms Love spotted Hilary Alexander of the Telegraph wearing a Pearl Lowe for Peacocks black dress with a cream collar and was heard by Jess Cartner-Morley to exclaim: "Great dress! So me-in-the-90s!"

5. Jason Wu gets excited about owls that say "wu, wu"
Make of that what you will.

6. Beige is out
Camel - get your coat. Caramel - take a hike. New York was popping with colour. Delft blues, bright yellows, pinks, golds, coral... Just not beige, ok? Black is OK, but only if you are a real fashionista.

7. Bengal tiger is the new leopard
Leopards around the world breath a sigh of relief, while Bengal tigers hope that their fashion moment will raise awareness of their status on the endangered list.

8. Green is the new black
The Edun collection - designed by Ali Hewson (aka Mrs Bono) took to the catwalk, using organic and ethical "where possible". Fashion Statement raised an eyebrow. Where possible? The Green Shows proved time and time again that it's always possible to make beautiful clothes using environmentally-sound materials. FS particularly loved Auralis Herrero, who picked up on the current nostalgic mood with a 70s-inspired collection of flowing drapery in hemp, organic cotton, soy jersey and peace silk, in colours ranging from a muted denim-blue to vibrant orange. There were little dresses, maxi dresses and the odd jump suit, all with a slight original-Halston vibe.

9. Dogs are very spring/summer 2011
Feline fanciers, bad news - canine chic is where it's at. From the pooch who took a bow at the opening show - Nicholas K - to the Mulberry-clad one strolling around the pool at their rooftop show, mutts are having a moment.

10. FS needs more caffeine than the Big Apple can provide
There is nowhere in New York to get a decent cup of tea. Nowhere. Please New York, sort it out.

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