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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Looks like Fashion week

Favorite Looks from the Fashion Weeks of Fall 2010

The honest fact is that we don´t usually tend to copy the looks of hair and makeup directly from the runway. They are often too extreme and serve more as an effect to go with the clothes.
We do let them inspire us, and as journalists we take out some color schemes to guide our readers, but the real beauty trends are made through the fashion spreads and of street-stylers. So when you come down to it, the power of beauty-looks is still very much up for grabs (which is great!)
 However, this season there are actually several looks I would love to copy "as it is" as well as modefy them into my own style. You usually only get the typical "5 looks of the season", but come on- you need more looks then that, so I give you:

" 20 looks of the season!"


It´s the deep read lips together with the pale skin and pink eyes (instead if the original eyeliner) that makes this look so porcelin and sensitive, The hair loosly tucked away in the back is also one of the surest hair trends for fall. Let the front gently caress your cheek.

Jill Stuart

The smokey eye paired up with an angled eyeliner, but leaving the inner cornes with a light and shiny eyeshadow. Flawless skin with peachy-pink cheaks and same colored lipgloss. The look almost gets a little juvenile and has a good mix between tough and innocent. Especially when it is paired up with this seasons layerd knits to get that cleaner version of grunge.

Alexander Wang

He gave us the biggest hair trend of summer 2010 ( the loose side braid, most likely inspired from Fried Green Tomatoes) and as far as every hair stylist doing fashion spreads these days are concerned, he´s done it again. You cannot open a magazine anywhere in the world right now without seeing a wet side-do. check it! Togeteher with the humid burgundy eyes and covered yet steamy skin, it also gives that though yet soft look.


It´s the pretty makeup how pretty makeup should be. Flawless, yet shiny skin (mineral products) peachy-rose cheaks. Shiny light-yellow base for eyes, with brown/taupe over the globe and angled out. Gently shaped eyebrows in the same color as your own roots. Natural toned lipliner shape the lips, while a peachy-rose gloss lifts it. The hair is volumed on top, and gives an illusion that there were once curls in this hair. This looks makes everyone a notch prettier than they are.

It may not look like much, but the art of creating a look of just lights and shadows is truely a masterpiece. The bleachy hair, with the shaped brows and schizzled cheaks. So simple, so good.


The smokey eye will always be a favorite, especially for fall. This version where the smoke stays under the eyes and reaches out on the sides maskeraded as an eyeline,gives the look a modern twist and is not quit so heavy. leave the upper lid light or bright in viberant color.

Bottega Venetta

It´s the hair! You don´t have to shave your sides off anymore, go punk for one day simply by the use of heavy gel- and pull that sidepart way forward!

it´s the eyes as well! the Dark eyes reaches a new level of texture and layers with this liquid eyeliner along the lashline together with a sweap of graphic shaped brown/grey over the upper lid. Leave the brows and lips for a dramatic look.

dolce & gabbana

The dirty red lips, with the cut off eyeline and the light eyes must  be one of the surest looks this fall. Let the hair be messy down, or as here in an loose updo. Do shape the brows in light shades for a sensitive look or in a darker shade for a rock´n version.

Dries Van Noten

The simples of them all: pale skin, normal lips, sunglasses and hair tucked away in the back. Works wonders with a Fjellraeven wind jacket, camel coat and of course the shearling aviator jacket ala burberry prorsum.


Ahh...the Teddy! Now, I´m not saying this hair do is very easy to do, but with a couple of tries and errors, you´ll get the hang of it. It´s basically about rolling your hair inwards and placing it with pins. A 50s makeup would be an obvious choice, so I would rather go natural or smokey.


The street-hair-look of the season. You will be seing this. Alot. And even if you don´t particulary care for it right now, by september you will have worn it once

Easy and to the point. The smallest version of a smokey eye, just rigt at the rims of the lashes, with an eyeline angle to keep up with the trends. Flawless and highlighted skin, and just a touch of rosy-peach to the lips. Well done.

Isabel Mirant

She really did hit the jack-pot with her 50s interpritatons that go beyond waisted dresses and long sleeved gloves. The makeup couldn´t be more to the point either with its long and angled eyeliner. A true make up of fall 2010. Leave everything else.

Just Cavalli

red lips and 70´s hair- the perfect mix. pale skin of course and shaded bonestructure, including brows.

Floting on a late summer breeze much? but it sure is pretty and the peachy tones in makeup just keeps coming and coming. With all the right to do so as well, just look at the light it brings to the face!

Louis Vuitton

The makeup that is definatly alot of makeup but doesn´t really look like it has got to be the most frequent used techniques of any fashion week. Why? because it´s just so pretty, but still exiting for the makeup artist to do, because you have to be extremly thoughtful in you blending and coloring. The look that simple poolishes the skin color, builds the bonestructure, caresses the eyeshape and enlightens the glow. Perfection! The pony-tail will also see its revival this season- stay tuned!

Michael Kors

Michael always does pretty, but his collection really does set the tone for the trends we see and wear. This makeup look is as normal as you can get it with flawless skin, bronzy cheaks and smokey eyes with a hint of blue. However, the twist that still makes this look so interesting is the pony-tail. Its all about fluffy, loose, and backcomes hair this season, so why not introduce that into your pony-tail as well!

3.1 Philip Lim

This hair is the perfect wavy and fluffy fall hair, paird up with happy pink lips and aviator glasses for that hint of 70´s- easy and ready to wear!

The Row

Bleached fluffy hair and pale skin- it´s just a winner!


But this is ultimatly my favorite look to wear everyday all through fall 2010 and way into winter 2011. the soft curly hear with a somewhat round shape. the flawless skin only gained by mineral makeup. The cold pink cheaks and subtle smoked eyes with an angled eyeliner for that hint of exitement. I love it and I will wear it!


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